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AmEx Signs Deal With Boxed, Which Is Kind Of Like An Online Costco

Last year, Costco announced the end of its longtime exclusive relationship with American Express. The end of the deal wasn’t as great for AmEx, since the captive audience was good for its business, and shareholders were unhappy. As the official breakup date approaches in June, AmEx is looking for a new bulk-selling credit card buddy, and has perhaps found one in Boxed. [More]

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Yes, You Can Freeze Milk, Eggs, And Cheese For Later Use

Yes, buying items in bulk definitely saves money, but what if you don’t use five gallons of milk per week? If you have the storage space in your freezer, it can be a good way to save trips to the store and get even more savings out of your membership to a bulk-buying club like BJ’s or Costco. [More]

Do Younger Shoppers Love Costco As Much As Their Parents?

Do Younger Shoppers Love Costco As Much As Their Parents?

A large number of Consumerist readers are in the “Millennial” generation, and really love Costco. That’s just anecdotal information based on the contents of our inbox, though: some investment analysts are starting to wonder whether today’s young adults will buy their own memberships and get their frozen meat by the crate, their toilet paper by the truckload, and their honey a gallon at a time, just like their forebears. [More]