brown lawns

(Mike Matney Photography)

California Grass Painters Dyeing More Lawns Green Than Ever Before Amidst Drought

We first heard of homeowners spray-painting their lawns green last summer to avoid local “brown lawn” fees on the West Coast, a trend that has only grown now that grass isn’t growing amidst California’s current drought. The owner of one such service that provides landscape painting says he’s taking more orders than ever before, as lack of rain keeps lawns thirsty and dry. [More]


Spray-Painting Your Grass Green Is One Way To Avoid “Brown Lawn” Fees

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and things are desperately dry right about now in California. But what’s a homeowner to do, when the state is telling you not to water your lawn too often or get fined $500, and the city is demanding you not have a brown lawn or face the same fee fate? Grab a can of paint. [More]