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Boost Mobile Experiments With Not Giving Away Phones, Quickly Retreats

Giving new customers an inexpensive phone for free, or a credit toward a pricier phone isn’t a big deal, right? Boost Mobile apparently didn’t realize what kind of effect it would have on their customers when it got rid of free phones. The experiment only lasted for two months. [More]


Next Year, You Can Buy Pay-As-You-Go Cable From Comcast If You Want

We’re used to there being two kinds of cell phone plans. There’s the post-paid, where you get a bill every month that may go up or down depending on your usage. And there’s the pre-paid, where you pay your $40 and get your flat amount of data and airtime, and use it until it’s used up. But prepaid cable? That’s a new one. [More]


Use Up All The Money On Your Prepaid Phone, Because You’ll Probably Never Get It Back

When you buy a prepaid cellphone and put a bunch of money on the account, you might think that whatever balance remains on the account when you decide to change providers or stop using that device will be returned to you. Except the odds are that whatever money you put on your account will remain with the service provider forever. [More]

Does $100 Moto G Shake Notion That Unsubsidized Smartphones Must Be Expensive?

Does $100 Moto G Shake Notion That Unsubsidized Smartphones Must Be Expensive?

The general line of thought in the wireless market is that prepaid customers are offered older and cheaper smartphones because most prepaid customers don’t also want to splash out the $500-800 for an unlocked, top-of-the-line device. Meanwhile, contract phone customers are pitched those pricier phones but at discounted rates (or monthly installment plans) that make the phones more affordable (and lock the customer into months or years of service). But does a good smartphone need to cost so much? Do phones for the prepaid market need to be so bad? Maybe not. [More]


T-Mobile Doesn’t Believe Loyal Customer Will Really Leave

So long, T-Mobile! Mark was looking for a new phone to replace his, and has been a loyal T-Mobile customer since 2007. What’s that worth to Big Pink? Not all that much. He saw a great deal reserved only for new customers. Here’s the catch: that deal included a nice price on a smartphone and a $50 per month unlimited no-contract plan. They weren’t about to let a contract customer move on to a dissolute, contract-free lifestyle. No way.  [More]


AT&T Would Rather Upsell Me On A More Expensive Plan Than Investigate Where My Rollover Minutes Went

Imagine you wake up one morning and find that your car has been stolen. Then you call to report the crime, but the police only try to sell you on a car with a better security system. That’s the sort of response David got when he contacted AT&T about a problem with his account. [More]

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Boost Mobile Doesn’t Seem To Understand That “Amazon” Is Not Someone’s Last Name

Okay, so there are probably more than a few people out there with the last name of “Amazon,” but when you tell someone at a major prepaid wireless provider that you bought your phone “on Amazon,” they should understand that you are referencing the mammoth online retailer and not a particular human being. [More]


Banned From Boost Mobile’s Facebook Page For Telling Other Customers How To Get Actual Help

Nick likes Boost Mobile, but he needed some help from the company. He tried to call them, but was cast into phone-prompt purgatory. He sought solace and support from other frustrated Boost customers on their Facebook page, and the admin scolded him for “spamming” the page. When a simple Google search turned up a number where he could find a live rep, he shared this information with the masses. And got banned from the company’s Facebook page. [More]

Sprint Announces Plans For Fourth Prepaid Mobile Brand

Sprint Announces Plans For Fourth Prepaid Mobile Brand

As they continue to lose traditional contract subscribers, Sprint has begun focusing more and more attention on the prepaid mobile market. Today, the company announced it’s about to launch a fourth prepaid mobile brand. [More]

Teleperformance USA: Call Center Of Customer Service Nightmares

Teleperformance USA: Call Center Of Customer Service Nightmares

Wanna know why your call to customer service went so poorly? Maybe because it was routed to an outsourced call center run by Teleperformance USA where, according to an insider, customer service goes to die…