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Bookstore Combats E-Books With One Thing Your Kindle Can’t Offer

Whatever benefits an e-book might have over its print counterpart, and no matter how close digital media gets to ink-on-paper, there is one thing that downloaded copy of Moby Dick can’t offer to some readers: The collectable factor. [More]

Free Shipping From QPB: Just Pay Shipping And Handling

Free Shipping From QPB: Just Pay Shipping And Handling

Jon received this e-mail from the book club QPB. It promises free shipping, and a free travel set, if he pays shipping and handling. That shipping is on the travel set, we presume, but no one can really be sure. [More]

Femi-Nazi Bookworm Chainsaw Rip-Off Party!

Cheryl is a sexy wench, and we don’t think she’d mind us saying so. After all, cool is sexy, and Cheryl immediately identifies herself as a girl who prefers books in which girl are chainsawed to death than ones where “single women drink chardonnay and moan about men.” Hey, us too!