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Blue Apron Laying Off Hundreds Of Employees In “Realignment” Effort

Blue Apron Laying Off Hundreds Of Employees In “Realignment” Effort

As e-commerce giant Amazon and major grocery chains across the country crowd into the meal kit service arena, it seems Blue Apron may be feeling the heat: The meal kit company announced Wednesday that it’s laying off 6% of its workforce as part of a companywide “realignment” effort. [More]

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Campbell’s, Tyson & Other Packaged Food Biggies Eager To Jump Into Meal Kit Melee

Not that long ago, folks with disposable income who wanted something resembling a decent meal but didn’t have time to do all the shopping would buy packaged foods and just heat them up. Now these consumers have the ever-growing rainbow of meal kit subscription services that deliver fresher, better ingredients to their door. But the makers of microwave dinners, pre-made meals, and canned goods aren’t giving up that easy — they want in on this whole meal kit thing. [More]


Meal Box Companies Hope To Hook You With Thanksgiving Boxes

If you’re in charge of cooking a Thanksgiving feast, wouldn’t it just be easier to have someone ship you a box filled with all of the ingredients and recipes that you need? No, we’re not talking about the entire bland frozen dinner in a box; these Thanksgiving boxes come from the popular new meal kit companies. Their plan is to simplify your holiday — and of course to hopefully recruit new customers into paying for meal boxes all year-round. [More]

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7 Things We Learned About The Rapid Expansion Of Meal Kit Service Blue Apron

If you haven’t yet tried the meal kit service Blue Apron, you’ve probably read about it somewhere, or seen one of its many, many ads online or on TV. Yet who is on the other end of the transaction, making sure that you have your tiny bag of cilantro and packing the ice with your catfish filets? An army of blue-collar workers in one of three chilly warehouses make these meal boxes happen. [More]

So Many “Meal Box” Options, But Are They Any Different From Each Other?

So Many “Meal Box” Options, But Are They Any Different From Each Other?

Making a nice dinner isn’t always easy: Finding the right recipe, checking your pantry, going to the store, all before you get around to finally cooking. So it’s understandable why subscription “meal boxes” are trend with a growing number of companies delivering ready-to-cook dinners to your door. Yet, many of the plans seem to be going after the same customer with the same types of food. [More]