biting the hand that feeds you

Note to Andrew Ross Sorkin: This is what your CNBC co-worker Maria Bartiromo thinks of the "facts" in your DealBook column.

Watch CNBC Rush To The Defense Of JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon

If you go on TV to argue a controversial viewpoint, it’s to be expected when the host of the show questions you on your allegations. But what happened last Friday on CNBC’s Closing Bell is just an embarrassing example of how far a financial “news” network will go to defend the head of a huge bank just because that institution is performing well on the stock exchange. [More]

Here's the Tweet that Dish claims CBS made Kaley Cuoco remove.

Dish Says CBS Made Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco Delete Tweet About Hopper DVR

UPDATE: CBS thought the headline on this story wasn’t very fair, so a network rep asked us to change it. We didn’t. [More]