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CDC Says Your Hangover Is Costing The Country Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars

Did you tie one on last night and have a few too many whiskeys/margaritas/beers? And are you at work right now, bleary-eyed and slow, or perhaps “sick” at home with a raging hangover? Your excessive drinking habits aren’t just a drain on your body, they’re costing the American economy hundreds of billions of dollars every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Could Charging More For Boozy Beverages Curb The Amount Of Deaths Related To Drinking?

Where there’s alcohol consumption, there are ill health effects — from liver complications to death. But what if the price of alcohol and boozy beverages was raised just a little bit, say, 10%? A new study says in those countries with a minimum alcohol price, ticking it up just that much would result in a big drop in drinking-related deaths. [More]

Drinking More Makes You Exercise More

Drinking More Makes You Exercise More

Scientists aren’t sure why but research shows that people who drink more are more likely to exercise longer and more intensely. [More]