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(Michelle Rick)

NYC: A Bike-Share Program Without A Helmet Requirement Is Totally Fine

If you don’t own a bike, the odds are slim that you happen to own a helmet that you can wear while cruising around a city like New York on a bike-share set of wheels. As such, there’s no helmet requirement in the city, which the administration says is just fine. Others say this lack of safety will increase injuries and fatalities in a city that doesn’t sleep and certainly hates to slow down. [More]

(Michelle Rick)

Bike-Share Program To Finally Cruise Into NYC In May 2013

New York City is about to get a lot more mobile, which is welcome news to many residents who don’t own bikes but might want to grab one on the go. The city’s bike-share program will kick off in May — a two-month delay due to Hurricane Sandy damaging equipment — with around 5,500 bikes available (and 10,000 eventually) for people to rent and ride around the metropolis. [More]