best buds

(Raymond Bryson)

Finding The Guy Who Stole Your Stuff Is Easy When He Sends You A Facebook Friend Request

When you find yourself suddenly bereft of personal belongings because some dastardly villain took them off you during a robbery, often the only recourse is to call the cops and wait. And wait. And hope that you can get your stuff back. Or, you can just wait until the suspect sends you a friend request.


Geordi needs friends.

Google Wants You To Sell Your Friends On Its $1,500 Glass Devices

Is it lonely on the top of technology hill, where you sit gazing out over the landscape with your Google Glass perched saucily on your nose, surveying all you see? Instead of selling your friends the devices itself, Google wants you to be the one to convince your pals they also need a pair of $1,500 Google Glass spectacles. So you won’t be lonely! [More]