Samuel M. Livingston

You Could Be Eligible For These Class Actions And Not Even Know It

The class action system is slow, profitable for lawyers, and flawed, but for now it’s the best tool that ordinary consumers have for holding companies that have wronged a lot of people responsible with a relatively small financial impact. Not all suits are well publicized, though, and you might not know that you’re eligible. Did you buy a computer between 2003 and 2008? How about “natural” cleaning products or lavender-scented baby products? [More]

Before You Replace Pillows, Give Them A Tumble

Before You Replace Pillows, Give Them A Tumble

When your head has seemingly smashed all the life out of your bed pillow, rendering it a flat, misshapen mat, it may not yet be time to buy a new one. Washing it and tossing it into the dryer can give a pillow a new lease on life, fluffing it up like new. [More]