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Some Vine Users’ Email Addresses, Phone Numbers Exposed

Some Vine Users’ Email Addresses, Phone Numbers Exposed

Like stumbling onto a bunch of Pitbull songs some ex put in your music library four years ago, the ghost of video-sharing platform Vine continues to haunt the internet. See, even though Vine is dead and gone, its cache of user information is not — and now some of that data has apparently been leaked. [More]


ITT Tech Students: Don’t Pay For Loan Consolidation, Discharge, Or Transfer Help

They say one person’s misfortune is another’s gain, but the Department of Education doesn’t want that to be the case for tens of thousands of students affected by ITT Educational Services’ closure of 130 ITT Technical Institute campuses, no matter how good the deal sounds. [More]


4 Ways To Avoid The “Student Loan Tax” Scam

Being on the hook for thousands of dollars in student loan debt is pressure enough for most people. They shouldn’t also have to worry about being taken advantage of by “student loan tax” fraudsters in what appears to be the latest iteration of the IRS impersonation scam. [More]


FBI, TSA Issue Warning To Airlines Over Possible Flight Hackings

A week after a government report identified security weaknesses within the airline industry including the possibility that newer airplanes with interconnected WiFi systems could be hacked, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Transportation Security Administration issued an alert warning airlines to be vigilant about monitoring for such threats. [More]