(Burger King)

Burger King Introduces Top-Secret Sauce For Chicken Fries

You’ve surely heard the expression “secret sauce,” but Burger King is taking the idea a little further with their new dipping sauce for chicken fries. The sauce isn’t just secret: it’s so secret that it isn’t on the menu. Of course, it’s not so secret that the company isn’t promoting it on their Twitter and Facebook accounts, but some stores haven’t heard anything about it. [More]

IBM Supercomputer Watson Thinks We Won’t Notice Robot Revolution If It Whips Up Its Own BBQ Sauce

I've got my eye on you, Watson.

Nice try, Watson. Yeah, I’m talking to you, and I know you can understand me, Mr. “I’m IBM’s Supercomputer and I went on Jeopardy! and beat two humans so now I think I know everything about being a real live, sentient being, including an in-depth understanding of condiments,” blah blah blah. Stay away from barbecue sauce. Got that? It’s obvious what you’re doing here and I won’t stand for it. [More]