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Megan Sparks

Congratulations Wisconsin, You Can Sell Your Homebaked Cookies Like Everyone (Except New Jersey)

Three Wisconsin entrepreneurs have the sweet taste of victory in their mouths today after a judge ruled that a law banning the sale of home-baked goods doesn’t fly under the state’s constitution. [More]

Louis Abate

Starbucks Raises Prices For Second Time In Four Months

Four months after Starbucks surprised customers by accidentally pushing out its annual price increase two weeks early, the company had another shocker for guests: a second price increase for some drinks and food items.   [More]

Starbucks Invests In High-End Italian Bakery, Princi

Starbucks Invests In High-End Italian Bakery, Princi

Starbucks has its hands in a lot of different products outside of the coffee it serves up in stores — cold brew coffee, coconut milk, juice, to name a few. Now the company is expanding its portfolio with the acquisition of a company specializing in Italian baked goods.

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Walmart And Patti LaBelle Hope To Continue Dessert Magic With Two New Cakes

This holiday season, Walmart tried something new to move more baked goods: they created a celebrity-branded pie. The retailer, which moves a lot of groceries, teamed up with famed singer Patti Labelle to mass-produce pies loosely based on her own recipe. That product was extremely successful, and now two new products are hitting Walmart’s store shelves: a pound cake and a caramel cake. [More]