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“Bad Check” Debt Collector Deceptively Used Prosecutors’ Letterhead To Intimidate Consumers Into Paying High Fees

Late last year, Consumerist reported on a string of debt collectors paying to use prosecutors’ letterheads as a way to intimidate consumers into paying their debts. While the company facing the wrath of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today didn’t exactly pay to use the letterhead, they allegedly used the documents in a deceptive manner to get consumers to enroll in costly financial education programs. [More]

Wells Fargo Closes My Account After $32,000 Fraud, Allows Bogus Payment To Go Through On New Account

Imagine waking up one day to find your bank account has not only been compromised, but that more than $30,000 in fraudulent checks have been written on it. Then to make matters worse, once things seem to be resolved, another bogus charge is placed on an entirely new account. [More]

No, McDonald's Is Not Trying To Give You $5K

No, McDonald's Is Not Trying To Give You $5K

A friend who works for Wells Fargo passed this scam check along, from a company calling itself “McDonalds French Fry Trust.” The check is accompanied by a letter that asks victims to pay $945 to the sender as a commission after the check is cashed.