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Atlantic City Files Lawsuit Over Loan Program That Promised Relief For Struggling Residents, Businesses

Back in 2013, Atlantic City launched a loan program aimed at providing up to $40 million in financial relief to the city’s struggling homeowners and businesses. But after nearly two years and an investment of $3 million, the people of AC have received little help, leading the city to file a lawsuit against the company hired to administer the program. [More]

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Gamblers Who Won $1.5M Must Return Winnings Over Unshuffled Cards

Back in 2012, some gamblers in Atlantic City realized there was a pattern to the way the cards were coming out while playing mini-baccarat and won 41 straight hands worth around $1.5 million in total. But this week a court ruled the winnings must be returned because the cards had not been shuffled. [More]

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United Airlines Leaves Atlantic City After Only 8 Months

A year ago, a struggling Atlantic City still had hope that its sagging casino business could turn around, especially with the news that United Airlines would be offering direct flights from its hubs in Chicago and Houston. But then one-third of the casinos closed — and even Donald Trump wanted nothing to do with the seaside town that he helped bring back to prominence 30 years ago — and now United Airlines is pulling up stakes after only eight months of service. [More]

The Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City closed on Sept. 16.

Trump’s Name Coming Off Failed New Jersey Casino

Because the Trump name can only be associated with quality real estate and crass, cash-in reality shows stocked with F-list celebrities vying for one last chance at fame, Donald Trump has apparently succeeded in having his name removed from at least one of two sinking Atlantic City casinos. [More]


For Change Of Pace, Donald Trump Sues To Remove His Name From Buildings

Donald Trump has spent his career using his last name as his brand, slapping the T word on many a luxury apartment building, hotel, and casino. But now the Donald is suing to have his famous name removed from a pair of Atlantic City properties that he would rather not be associated with. [More]

Revel's ads say the casino will refund all slot losses during the month of July, but don't say you'll get the refund over the course of 20 weeks, and that it's in the form of slot machine credit, not cash.

Casino’s “You Can’t Lose” Refund Promotion Is Really Just Meant To Keep You Gambling

The casino always wins in the end. If it didn’t, we’d all be rich and casino-owners would be smashing open piggy banks to pay the bills. So when a house of gambling tells customers that it really wants to do something nice and will refund their slot-machine losses, you should expect that there is more to the offer than meets the eye. [More]

Casino Deals Unshuffled Cards, Wants Gamblers' Winnings Back

Casino Deals Unshuffled Cards, Wants Gamblers' Winnings Back

When the same sequence of cards was dealt at a mini-baccarat table at Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget casino twice in a row, was it just probability in action. Out of all the packs of shuffled cards in the world, the cards ending up in the same order happens now and then. Then the cards came up in the same sequence a third time. Fourth. Fifth. The players played forty-one hands where the cards came up in the same order, betting larger and larger amounts each hand. Wouldn’t you? They ultimately won more than $1.5 million. Casino security staff swarmed the table, trying to figure out how the fourteen players at the table were cheating. They weren’t. A vendor allegedly supplied the casino with packs of unshuffled cards, which were dealt as-is. Now the casino is suing the fourteen gamblers and the playing card company, and the gamblers are countersuing the casino. [More]

Hey Gamblers, Time To Bring A Sack Lunch, The Freebies Are Dying Up.

Hey Gamblers, Time To Bring A Sack Lunch, The Freebies Are Dying Up.

Since the first casino opened here 30 years ago, tour buses depositing herds of senior citizens out for the afternoon at the gambling house doorstep has been a big part of Atlantic City casino culture. It’s now one the industry is trying to move away from — gently — so as not to antagonize loyal patrons as it seeks more affluent bettors.