Toyota Introduces Adorable Cupholder-Size Robot To Make You Less Lonely

Car rides are more fun with a companion, as is life in general, which is why Toyota has introduced a new palm-sized robot meant to spark parental feelings, stave off loneliness, and hang out with humans. The robot, Kirobo Mini, is based on an astronaut character, yet meant to give people the good feelings of caring for a baby without the massive workload. [More]

(Nate Sanders Auction House)

Why Would A Plastic Toothbrush Cost Almost $12,000? Because It’s Been To Space And You Haven’t

Most of the time, we can rest assured that we’re living a way cooler life than our toothbrushes. What do they do all day but sit around in a cup by the sink, bristling at the sound of rushing water and just hoping they get used at least twice in 24 hours? Unless you’re a toothbrush that’s been to space, and in that case, you can fetch a pretty penny for having lived such an abnormal toothbrush life. [More]