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American Airlines CEO Says It Will Totally Match Discount Carriers’ Fares, Won’t Say How

With discount airlines expanding and competing on more of their routes, how can legacy carriers stay competitive? Their latest bid to stay ahead of discount airlines is to lower fares, including the controversial Basic Economy fares, and price-matching competitors. [More]

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Have A Question For The CEO Of General Mills? Ask Away

From cereal to cake to frozen veggies to soup to whatever labels you would put on Chex Mix or Hamburger Helper, General Mills is responsible for a large number of the biggest brands in your pantry, fridge and freezer, but you may not know much about the company whose roots go back nearly 150 years. Now you’ve got the chance to take your questions directly to the CEO of General Mills. [More]


Send Us Your Questions In Bulk For Costco CEO Craig Jelinek

For three decades, Costco has been selling pallets of toilet paper, jugs of ketchup, sacks of flour, and steaks in family packs big enough to feed a reality show family. But what do you actually know about what goes on behind the scenes at the members’ only warehouse chain? Now is your chance to ask the company’s CEO Craig Jelinek. [More]

Last Chance To Send In Questions For GM CEO Mary Barra

Last Chance To Send In Questions For GM CEO Mary Barra

Earlier this week, we told you that our colleagues at Consumer Reports were going to feature General Motors CEO Mary Barra in the magazine’s first Ask the CEO column. They are still accepting questions for Ms. Barra through today at, so get yours in ASAP before this opportunity shuts off like the ignition on a 2003 Chevy Cobalt. [More]

Send Us Your Questions For GM CEO Mary Barra

Send Us Your Questions For GM CEO Mary Barra

General Motors CEO Mary Barra has only been on the job since January, but she’s already had to deal with an historic number of recalls, investigations by Congress and federal regulators, and seemingly endless lawsuits. We’re sure that many of you have questions you’d love to ask her; now is your chance. [More]