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Toyota To Pay $14M To Victims Of Crash Involving Camry

Eleven years after a crash caused by a Toyota Camry that accelerated uncontrollably, killing three people and injuring several others, a judge upheld a jury’s finding that Toyota was liable for the incident, ordering the carmaker to pay $14 million.


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Anthropologie Must Face Complaint From Customer With Crohn’s Barred From Using Employee Restroom

Anthropologie will not be able to avoid having to explain why it allegedly violated Illinois state law by refusing to allow a customer with Crohn’s disease to use the employee restroom, resulting in the customer losing control of her bowels in the store. [More]

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Apple Must Face Lawsuit Claiming It Ran App Store Monopoly

A federal appeals court has breathed new life into six-year-old lawsuit over Apple’s alleged monopoly control of its App Store.  [More]


A Federal Judge Must Decide What ‘Report To Work’ Means In Victoria’s Secret Lawsuit

Last year, numerous national retail chains changed their practices around on-call scheduling, a practice where retailers adjust their staffing levels at the last minute according to how busy an establishment expects to be. Many companies discontinued the practice around the time that New York’s Attorney General began asking questions about the scheduling practices of national retail chains. However, a lawsuit over the practice of on-call scheduling continues in California, and hinges on what it means to “report to work.” [More]

Appeals Court Revives Texas Bank’s Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality Of CFPB

Appeals Court Revives Texas Bank’s Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality Of CFPB

This week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau celebrates its fourth anniversary of protecting consumers from harmful practices and shady characters in the financial sector. But instead of buying the regulatory arm a big ol’ birthday cake, a federal appeals court is gifting the Bureau with a revived lawsuit challenging its constitutionality. [More]