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Alan Rappa

5 Things You Should Know About Amazon’s Issues With Counterfeits

When you see a brand-name handbag or laptop being sold on Amazon for well below its retail price, it’s hard to not hit the “Buy” button. But is it a good deal or just a counterfeit in brand-name clothing? [More]

Hammerin Man

Alibaba Joins Industry Anti-Counterfeiting Group, Gets Suspended

The International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition is exactly what it sounds like: a coalition of frequently-counterfeited brands, law firms, investigators, and marketplaces working together to root out counterfeit goods. However, big brand names like Tiffany and Gucci America quit the coalition in protest after the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba was allowed to join. The brands were concerned that the IACC had allowed in the exact kind of company they were fighting. [More]

Alibaba Will Expedite Counterfeit Takedowns For Some Name Brands

Alibaba Will Expedite Counterfeit Takedowns For Some Name Brands

In the months since Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba began trading shares in its Cayman Islands-based holding corporation on the New York Stock Exchange, entities ranging from the Chinese government to the owner of Gucci have accused the company of knowingly profiting from counterfeit branded goods. Alibaba has promised to improve its capacity to ferret out fakes, and now says that it will take down some brands’ items more quickly. [More]