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Quinn Dombrowski

Investors Decide Cord-Cutting Is Real And Worrisome, Cable Network Stocks Drop All Around

Cord-cutting, in which (usually younger) pay-TV subscribers walk away from cable and embrace new ways of accessing media, has been a known phenomenon since at least 2011. But it’s been a slow-rolling snowball, even as services like Netflix soar into the stratosphere. This year, however, it seems that Wall Street traditionalists have finally caught on to the change, and they’re not happy. [More]

Fake Newspaper Testing Out Very Real Pay Wall

Fake Newspaper Testing Out Very Real Pay Wall

Frequent readers of The Onion’s website may soon be forced to ante up if they want to keep up their regular dose of guffaws from fake news. The company has announced it’s testing out a pay wall that would require payment from overseas readers or limit them to only a handful of articles per month. [More]