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Judge Rules That Artist’s Lawsuit Over “Angry Birds” Plush Pet Toys Can Move Forward

A Seattle artist suing a pet company for allegedly cutting her out of a deal to license a line of plush “Angry Birds” pet toys to Rovio, creators of the popular video game, has won a battle in her legal war. A federal judge has refused to dismiss her lawsuit, saying she’s made a case for her claim that she retained intellectual property rights in the “Angry Birds” trademark. [More]

Sold now by Hartz.

Artist Claims Pet Toy Company Made Millions Off Her “Angry Birds” Design Without Paying Her

A Seattle artist who designed a line of plush pet toys called “Angry Birds” back in 2006 is now suing the company that sold them, claiming it cut her out of the process — and millions of dollars — when it licensed the design to the makers of the popular Angry Birds game. [More]

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What’s The NSA Using To Spy On You Now? Angry Birds.

The revelations about just how embedded into every facet of modern, technological life the NSA is just keep coming. The spy agency isn’t just collecting calling records and tracking electronics; they’re in your iPhone games, too. [More]

Good News For Haters Of Smug Pigs: Angry Birds Now Flingable On Facebook

If you’re still rocking a flip phone or some other non-smartphone, heck, we’ll just call it a dumbphone, and have been aching to try slinging irate avians at smugly grinning, egg-eating pigs, today is your day. Angry Birds is officially heading to Facebook via an app on the social media network. [More]

Angry Birds CEO: "Piracy May Not Be A Bad Thing"

While lawmakers and Hollywood execs try to come up with ways to combat piracy in ham-fisted, knee-jerk ways that punish everyone, the CEO of Rovio Mobile — better known as the company that makes Angry Birds — has joined his voice to more sensible suits who see online piracy as an opportunity to learn and grow. [More]

Angry Birds To Go From Game To Real Playground For Kids

Angry Birds To Go From Game To Real Playground For Kids

While the idea of a real-life Angry Birds playground conjures up images of giant slingshots flinging kids through the air, the developers behind computer game Angry Birds are going for it over in Finland. Rovio announced that two Finnish towns will get playgrounds with Angry Birds-inspired equipment. [More]

How To Quiet Your Neighbor's Loud Birds If You're Quentin Tarantino

How To Quiet Your Neighbor's Loud Birds If You're Quentin Tarantino

Neighborly disputes are universal, even for high-powered Hollywood writer-directors. Quentin Tarantino and True Blood maestro Alan Ball got into a tiff involving Ball’s allegedly loud exotic birds. Tarantino said the birds’ “blood-curdling screams” impeded his ability to work at home, and Ball promised to build a sound-proof aviary and keep the birds inside until construction was finished. Apparently, at some point after the agreement, the birds were still repeatedly left outside for several hours, and Tarantino sued. [More]