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Lost Andy Warhol Computer Art Found 30 Years Later, Languishing On Floppy Disks

What’s the point of art if it’s just sitting in a wasteland of obsolescence, spending 30 years languishing on dusty floppy disks? Luckily for fans of Andy Warhol, a set of images, doodles and photos made by the artist on a Commodore Amiga computer 30 years ago will is now seeing the light of day in a technological era. [More]

Andy Warhol Teaches You Japanese Colors

Andy Warhol certainly has a cool command of Japanese in the 80’s ad for TDK, doesn’t he? “Aka… Midori… Ao… Gunzyouiro…Kirei!” Red, green, blue, ultramarine, beautiful, for the record. Not that you’ll care after Warhol’s eyes horrifically snap open and appear to be black pools of staring blood.