Dead Child’s Family Uses To Find Man Accused Of Stealing His Identity

While the internet has only made identity theft easier for criminals in recent years, the web can also prove helpful in busting those posing as someone else. To wit: The family of a boy who died in 1972 at two months old recently found a man accused of posing as the deceased child while researching their family tree online. [More] Wants To Get Into The Genetic Disease-Diagnosing Business Wants To Get Into The Genetic Disease-Diagnosing Business

Nearly two years after federal regulators drove genetic testing startup 23andMe out of the business of identifying potential risks for disease, the folks at genealogy website say they want to be able to review customers’ DNA tests for potential problems. [More]

You Can Give Your Saliva And $99 To Find Out Details About Your Ancestors’ Lives

Spit, something our bodies readily produce for free, can be very valuable. It can mean the difference between prison and freedom, and between being related to Wild Bill Hickok versus Buffalo Bill. In an effort to cater to dedicated genealogists, is introducing a new service that promises to provide detailed information about consumers ancestors as well as connections to other living relatives, for the price of some saliva and $99. [More]