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Ambulance Service Operating In Six States Suddenly Shuts Down Without Explaining Why

In a situation that makes us think there are crop circles involved or some kind of M. Night Shyamalan “GOTCHA!” twist, a private ambulance service that transported more than 500,000 patients a year in six states has suddenly closed for business. There was no explanation given and no warning that those customers would be left without a ride. [More]

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An Ambulance Is Not A Rental Car For When You Need A Ride Home From The Police Station

Just like 9-1-1 is not your personal complaint hotline, ambulances aren’t just roving free taxis, ready and waiting to take you home from the police station. On that note, if you’d like your arrest charges to go from something relatively measly like a misdemeanor for an open container to a slew of felony charges, stealing an ambulance from the police station will do the trick. [More]

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84-Year-Old Who Wanted To Walk To Get MRI Next Door Charged For $3,000 Ambulance Ride

Ask someone if they’d rather walk 75 yards for free or maybe get pushed in a wheelchair and most everyone is going to say they’d rather do that than shell out $3,000 for an ambulance ride. An 84-year-old man says he doesn’t quite get why nurses told him he had to take an ambulance from the hospital to the medical offices next door to get an MRI. [More]

Need An Ambulance? If You're Overweight, It's Going To Cost An Extra $543

Need An Ambulance? If You're Overweight, It's Going To Cost An Extra $543

An ambulance ride with American Medical Response in Topeka, Kansas will soon cost an extra $543 for folks weighing 350 pounds or more. Though AMR already owns cots that can support up to 500 pounds, they claim that because of rising demand from so-called “bariatric patients,” they now need to buy winches and “extra large and reinforced cots.”