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Walmart Telling Some Vendors To Stop Using Amazon’s Web Services

You may not know it, but a large number of websites use Amazon Web Services cloud servers to host their online content. Even though Walmart doesn’t offer anything that competes with this aspect of Amazon’s business, the retailer apparently dislikes the online giant so much that it doesn’t want its tech vendors supporting Amazon by using AWS. [More]

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Amazon Employee Accidentally Took Down The Internet Earlier This Week

You might remember earlier this week — Tuesday to be exact — a disruption of Amazon Web Services caused people all over the East Coast to experience trouble accessing a large number of websites that rely on AWS. Now we know why: An employee accidentally turned off too many computer servers. [More]

Quinn Dombrowski

No, It’s Not Just You: Lots Of The Internet Is Down, Thanks To A Problem At Amazon

UPDATE: Shortly after 5 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Amazon said that the affected services were fully recovered and operational. [More]