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Amazon To Start Selling Actual FireTV TVs, Make Alexa Do More Things

CES — the annual Consumer Electronics Show — is about to light up Las Vegas for the rest of the week. So ’tis the season for tech news to come rolling on in from far and wide. Today’s big announcements come courtesy of Amazon, which wants to put its Fire interface and AI assistant Alexa basically everywhere. [More]

Sling is offering discounts on Ruko and Amazon streaming devices for people willing to prepay for three months of service.

Free Amazon, Roku Streaming Devices If You Prepay For 3 Months Of Sling TV

While some people have touted the recently launched Sling TV service as an option for cord-cutters, it’s really better-targeted to consumers who don’t have cable but want a few more live-TV viewing options. That’s why the service is now pushing deals that will allow some Sling subscribers to get free or deeply discounted streaming devices. [More]

These are the pay-TV providers currently allowing HBO subscribers to access HBO Go on Amazon Fire TV.

HBO Go Now On Amazon Fire TV Boxes (Not So Fast, Comcast Customers)

The Amazon Fire TV set-top box just got a lot more worthwhile for people wanting to add HBO to TVs without getting additional cable boxes. That is, unless you’re a Comcast customer. [More]

These are the offers that we received via the Chromecast in the Consumerist Cave.

Google Giving Away Free Stuff To New & Current Chromecast Users

In less than a year and a half, Google’s Chromecast has gone from nothing to being the #2 video streaming device sold to U.S. consumers, largely because of its $35 price tag. Now with Amazon — another newcomer into this market — rolling out its comparable $39 Fire TV stick, Google is throwing in freebies to new and current Chromecast users. [More]

Roku, Apple TV Losing Ground To Chromecast & Amazon Fire TV Streaming Devices

Roku, Apple TV Losing Ground To Chromecast & Amazon Fire TV Streaming Devices

A year ago, Roku and Apple TV dominated the market for streaming video devices, accounting for nearly 75% of all video streaming products sold in the U.S. in 2013. But in the last 16 months, Google’s Chromecast and Amazon’s Fire TV devices have stolen a significant chunk of Apple and Roku’s business. [More]

The 30-day trial invite that some Amazon users are receiving.

Amazon Using 30-Day Try-Before-You-Buy Offers To Attract Fire TV Customers

While the idea of free trial periods for streaming video subscription services like Amazon Prime is nothing new, the online retailer is now applying that same try-before-you-buy concept to streaming hardware. [More]