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Amazon Makes First Commercial Drone Delivery To Customer In England

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has had a dream for a while now: delivery drones flying here, there, and everywhere, zooming over rooftops and dropping off packages to customers. That dream has now become real with Amazon’s first Prime Air drone delivery, Bezos announced today. [More]

(U.S. PTO)

Amazon Wants Its Delivery Drones To Track Customers Down Wherever They Are

Is it sometimes inconvenient and/or annoying to await the arrival of a package at home, or have it sent to your place of work? Yes. Do you want a drone finding your location via smartphone and dropping a package wherever you happen to be? Perhaps, though we can see some settings where Amazone’s idea for its delivery drones might get a bit awkward. [More]

FAA Clears Amazon To Start Testing Delivery Drone Flights

FAA Clears Amazon To Start Testing Delivery Drone Flights

Amazon is getting one step closer to the company’s dream of delivering packages by air, as the Federal Aviation Administration has given the company the go-ahead to start testing drones outside. [More]