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Mark Turnauckas

Big Tobacco Will Admit In New Ads That All Cigarettes Are Bad For You, Intentionally Addictive

Eleven years after a federal court ordered the country’s biggest cigarette producers to produce a series of warning ads informing people about the dangers of their products, Big Tobacco is finally preparing to publish those “corrective statements” in TV ads, newspapers, online, and in cigarette packaging. [More]

Altria Sues FDA To Keep “Black & Mild” Name

Altria Sues FDA To Keep “Black & Mild” Name

Earlier this month, the Food & Drug Administration expanded its oversight of tobacco products, effectively banning the use of “mild” to describe cigars. That’s a problem for Altria Group, which makes the Black & Mild brand, and so the tobacco behemoth has sued the federal government to keep using the name. [More]