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Mike Mozart

The IRS And The Cops Do Not Really Take Payment In iTunes Gift Cards Over The Phone

It’s easy to say that you’d never fall for a phone scam: everyone who really has fallen for a scam probably would have said the same thing before it happened to them. Yet one way to protect people from scams is to spread a very simple message among the people you know and love who are less savvy about the Internet and about scams than you are. Tell them that no matter what anyone on the phone says, neither jails nor the IRS accepts iTunes gift cards as a form of payment. [More]


California Passes Law Legalizing Alternative Currencies Like Bitcoin, Dogecoin

While the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Internal Revenue Service are still giving Bitcoin and other digital currencies like Dogecoin some extreme side eye, the state of California is throwing its arms wide open with a newly signed law that makes those and other alternative forms of payment legal in the state. [More]