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New Law Lets New Yorkers Buy Booze At Bars, Restaurants Before Noon On Sundays

New Yorkers, rejoice: you will finally be able to order a mimosa at brunch without waiting for the stroke of noon. [More]


Sorry, Indiana: Still No Carry-Out Booze Sales On Sunday After Bill Flounders

Indiana residents who were dreaming of picking up a bottle of wine or a few beers at their local grocery stores on a Sunday afternoon will have to stick to the other six days of the week, after support for a recent bill proposing to legalize carryout booze sales slowly drained away. [More]


If You Want To Drink On Election Day In S. Carolina Or Kentucky, You’d Better Buy Booze Today

No matter which side you’re rooting for (if any) in tomorrow’s election, if you live in South Carolina or Kentucky you have another choice to make, thanks to a holdover from Prohibition days. You can either buy booze today to toast your team tomorrow or go without. Both states outlaw the selling of alcohol on Election Day, either in restaurants or at liquor stores. [More]