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Senate Votes Against Minimum Legroom, Spacing Standards For Airline Seats

Earlier this year, Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY) said he would try to get federal regulators to come up with limits for airline seat size and spacing. But yesterday, his fellow senators shot down that effort. [More]

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Congressman Wants The FAA To Put A Limit On How Tiny Airplane Seats Can Get

That feeling you get on an airplane, the one where it feels like the whole thing is a tin of sardines ad you are just one little fish packed up tightly against all the others? You’re clearly not alone, says everyone who has ever been seated in economy on a flight, which is why one lawmaker is trying to establish minimum seat size standards for all airlines to abide by. [More]

"Dangit... my knees are killing me but that kid behind me has all the legroom in the world. Unfair, I tell ya. Unfair."

Patent Would Have Airlines Sort Passengers By Height, Then Adjust Rows To Save Their Knees

Have you ever been squeezed into an airplane seat and then looked behind you to see you’re in front of a small child who has plenty of legroom? In a car, you’d be able to slide your seat back a few inches to give you some extra space, but without cramping the kid behind you. A new patent aims to put that same idea into practice on commercial aircraft. [More]

A patent for new airplane seats shows the middle seat turned around in an attempt to increase arm and shoulder space.

Just Looking At This Airplane Seat Design Patent Makes Us Uncomfortable

Airlines and aircraft manufactures are continuously looking for new ways to pack passengers into planes like sardines. From installing narrower seats to exploring the idea of bicycle-like perches , there appears to be no end to what might be considered to maximize capacity on flights. The latest concept: a seating design that takes the already awful experience of being stuck in the middle seat and makes it worse… so much worse. [More]

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Southwest Bucks The Trend, Plans To Actually Widen Seats On New Planes

Flying on a Southwest Airlines flight in 2016 might be a bit more comfortable for some customers used to cramped spaces: The airline unveiled a new seating structure for its upcoming planes that gives consumers an extra half-inch of seat width. [More]


Which Airlines Have The Most Comfortable Coach Seats?

“Oh, goodie! I get to sit in coach for X amount of hours! I can’t wait to stretch out and relax,” said no one ever before flying, because in economy class, luxurious leg room and a sweet ratio of cushion to rump comfort is not what you’re paying for. That being said, some airlines are better at pleasing our behinds than others, according to a new poll released this week. [More]


Airbus Seeking Patent For Bicycle Seats In Plane Cabins Because Flying Isn’t Uncomfortable Enough Already

While you’re fighting for territory on the arm rest and suffering the kicks, nudges and otherwise annoying seat disturbances that come with flying commercial airlines, just think… it could be worse. How much worse? Like perching on a bicycle seat worse. [More]

Visit The Place Where Old Airplane Seats Go To Be Resurrected

Visit The Place Where Old Airplane Seats Go To Be Resurrected

While some jets may stay in service for decades, it seems like the seats inside those planes are constantly changing — being shuffled around, rebranded, removed, replaced. Thus, someone out there is making a living off this continual turnover of those seats you hate to sit in. [More]

Airbus Asks Airlines To Please Stop It With The Super-Narrow Seats

Airbus Asks Airlines To Please Stop It With The Super-Narrow Seats

Shaving just a few inches off an airplane seat’s dimensions can make room for additional seats on the aircraft, but what do narrower seats do to passengers’ ability to relax during longer flights? The folks at French jet-maker Airbus say wider seats can result in more well-rested passengers. [More]