Eric Hauser

Samsung Launches Bixby, Its Answer To Siri & Alexa

Move over Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, there’s a new voice-controlled artificially intelligent assistant in town: Samsung’s Bixby. [More]

Steve Tanner

White House Report: Future Dominated By Artificial Intelligence Brings Productivity And Inequality

From talking speakers and virtual assistants to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence is slowly becoming part of our lives. As progress continues and computer programs are able to perform more human jobs, how can we protect people from being displaced from the job market and from worsening economic inequality that might come from rapid technological change? [More]


Algorithm Creates Beer Recipes, Adjusts Them As User Feedback Comes In

What do computers know about beer? They can create recipes, it turns out, and a new startup plans to sell beer recipes created by artificial intelligence, adjusting subsequent batches based on feedback from customers. [More]


Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Will Come With An AI Digital Assistant

While the dust from Galaxy Note 7 fallout is still far from settling, Samsung is looking to the future and its next Galaxy device, perhaps in the hopes that it’ll take everyone’s minds off this whole “exploding phone batteries” thing. To that end, the company has announced it’s launching a new artificial intelligence digital assistant service along with its upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone. [More]


Comcast CEO: Company Execs Were “Despondent” When TWC Merger Failed

Poor Comcast. It put its heart, its soul, and several millions of dollars into its 2014-2015 attempt to buy Time Warner Cable, only to end up completely blocked and forced to scrap the plan. And while consumers, consumer advocates, and even we here at Consumerist may have felt a bit celebratory over its demise, the Comcast executives who tried to make it happen were oh so very sad. [More]


Facebook Testing Messenger Feature That Prompts You To Pay Your Friends Back

If you’re the kind of person who’s always forgetting who you owe for dinner, cab rides, or coffee, Facebook Messenger is testing a new feature that will gently nag you into paying your pals back. [More]


Could Artificial Intelligence Learn How To Brew A Tasty Beer?

Because we’ll need something tasty to swill when our robot overlords finally come into their full artificial intelligence, a company in the UK is attempting to figure out if robots can help humans brew a better beer. [More]

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Facebook’s Robots Are Working Hard On Content Moderation So Humans Don’t Have To

Sometimes it’s a bad thing when a robot gets invented to do a human job. And other times, it can be a relief, because the job was really terrible for any human to do. And that’s the tactic Facebook is taking with content moderation now, getting its AI to identify and “quarantine” offensive content before any human has to. [More]

Google: Calm Down, Artificial Intelligence Research Won’t Lead To Robot Revolution

Google: Calm Down, Artificial Intelligence Research Won’t Lead To Robot Revolution

For those of you eyeing your smart refrigerators and with suspicion and demanding that Siri tell you her plans to precipitate the downfall of humanity, Google wants everyone to take a chill pill. The company’s head of artificial intelligence research is trying to reassure folks that Google’s work in that field won’t lead to the eventual extermination of the human race by robots. [More]

Robots Detect Angry Customer Service Calls

Robots Detect Angry Customer Service Calls

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