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Does Apple Owe Me Money In Their E-Book Antitrust Settlement?

Earlier today, we shared the news that Apple is on the hook for $450 million in the settlement of a 2012 antitrust case against Apple and five major book publishers. While publishers settled and refunds were distributed to e-book buyers, Apple went to trial, lost their case, and appealed the verdict up to the U.S. Supreme Court, which denied the company’s petition earlier today. That leaves one important question: “Do I get any money?” [More]

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Supreme Court Shuts Down Attempt To Move Oakland A’s To San Jose

Professional sports teams relocate all the time — just ask the NFL’s Oakland Raiders, who moved moved to L.A. and then back home again in a little more than a decade (and who are among the lead prospects to fill the pro football void in L.A.). So it would seem no big deal for the Oakland A’s to only move about 50 miles away to San Jose, right? Not quite. [More]

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Sysco Meets With FTC Over Foodservice Voltron Proposal

Way back in 2013, we shared the news that Sysco, the country’s biggest supplier to restaurants and other food-service facilities, wanted to acquire its next-biggest competitor, US Foods. Yet the Federal Trade Commission still hasn’t come to a decision about that proposal. FTC officials don’t agree on the question of whether Sysco plans to sell enough of its business to make sure the restaurant supply business stays competitive. [More]

Here’s Why the Justice Dept. Should Block the Comcast and Time Warner Cable Merger

Here’s Why the Justice Dept. Should Block the Comcast and Time Warner Cable Merger

Comcast and Time Warner Cable have done their parade in front of the House and Senate to state their case publicly for why they should be allowed to merger into a truly massive mega-company. But now, it’s time for the investigation that really matters, as regulators at the FCC and the Department of Justice start looking into whether or not this deal is good for the public interest… or violates antitrust law. [More]