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Teens’ Science Experiment: Plants Don’t Grow Well Near Wi-Fi Routers

The science experiments from youth I remember usually involved a big piece of poster board outlining the steps of the scientific process and some kind of illustration showing how you tried to grow beans to see if music had any effect on them. But no neuroscientist ever said he wanted to repeat my experiment. Teens in Denmark claim Wi-Fi routers are no good if you want your plants to grow, and their experiment is getting lots of interest. [More]

Why You Shouldn't Let Telemarketers Help You Donate

Why You Shouldn't Let Telemarketers Help You Donate

Earlier this week we posted a warning to watch out for calls from people asking for donations on behalf of local police or fire departments. Today an alleged former employee—who says he quit after two days of training and one day of seeing what it was really like on the call center floor—wrote in to tell us a little more about how a company on the other side of that phone call works.