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Amazon To Start Selling Actual FireTV TVs, Make Alexa Do More Things

CES — the annual Consumer Electronics Show — is about to light up Las Vegas for the rest of the week. So ’tis the season for tech news to come rolling on in from far and wide. Today’s big announcements come courtesy of Amazon, which wants to put its Fire interface and AI assistant Alexa basically everywhere. [More]

Warner Bros. and DCP contend that these devices are being used to circumvent established copyright protections on ultra-HD content.

Warner Bros. Trying To Block Devices That Get Around 4K Video Copyright Protection

A week ago, Warner Bros. home video folks announced they would be catering to the growing number of 4K TV owners by releasing 35 recent titles — including Mad Max: Fury Road and The LEGO Movie — on ultra-HD BluRay discs. Two days later, the entertainment giant was in court, suing to stop a company from selling devices that would let users get around the digital copyright protections on these, and other, 4K titles. [More]

Amazon Dips Toes Into Ultra HD Streaming Waters

Amazon Dips Toes Into Ultra HD Streaming Waters

If you recently threw down some cash on a sleek new Ultra HD (or 4K) TV and you’re still waiting for content to show off to your friends (or justify the expense to yourself), here’s some mixed news for you. Amazon is finally getting into the 4K-streaming game, but the offerings aren’t really anything to celebrate right now. [More]

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Amazon Prime Won’t Charge Extra For Streaming Ultra HD Video

With prices dropping — and some sets available for around $1,000 — Ultra HD or 4K TV is gradually grabbing a foothold in consumers’ homes. Yet there is still little native content available for these sets. That may change soon with Amazon confirming it will begin offering 4K video to Amazon Prime customers before the year is out, and it won’t charge extra. [More]

Ultra HD 4K Kevin Spacey On Netflix Now Costs $3 Extra

Ultra HD 4K Kevin Spacey On Netflix Now Costs $3 Extra

Ultra high definition 4K video is still a pretty new thing. The TVs themselves are still pretty expensive, and there’s not all that much 4K content out there to watch on them. On top of all that, now, there’s another price penalty for early adopters to pay: Netflix is raising the price for their 4K streaming video. [More]