Tom Richardson

Clothing And Accessories Now The Biggest Category In E-Commerce

What do Americans buy the most of online? Thanks to improved return policies and ever-expanding selection, purchases of clothing and accessories took the top spot in 2015 for the first time. That’s according to research by analytics company ComScore, which tracks online sales by categories, and noticed this important change. [More]


Our Picks From 2015: Editors’ Favorite Stories Of The Year

We write thousands of posts every year at Consumerist, and before we hit “publish,” we tell each of them that they’re our favorite. That’s a lie, though: everyone has their favorite projects or tasks at work, and so do we. Whether it’s because of their real-world impact, delicious research, important topics, or strange paths they led us down, we each have our favorites out of our work for the year. Each of our writers chose theirs along with some honorable mentions, and explained precisely why they enjoyed it so much. [More]


2015: By The Numbers

While 2015 didn’t smash as many records for “terrible things that can happen to consumers in a single event” as 2014 — what with last year’s GM recall, Sony hack, and the like — we still had rather a lot go on in the last 365 days. Here’s a run-down of the numbers from 2015. [More]

Corey Templeton

Blasts From The Very Recent Past: Consumerist’s Most-Read Stories For 2015

Another 365 days, another 6,000 or so Consumerist stories in the can. We’ve seen the biggest name in TV fail miserably (again, and again), cooked our own burgers and pondered the history of the hot dog, investigated surprise medical bills while getting the sense of what it’s like to own a very small share of a very large NFL team. In short, it’s been your typical sort of year for us. [More]

Mike Matney

Here’s A Bunch Of Stuff Companies Promised This Year, But Will They Keep Their Word?

Each year companies make promises to consumers about the future. Those guarantees range from pledges to only use humanely raised animals for their food products to vows that they won’t sue federal agencies – as long as they get what they want. Of course, there were likely numerous promises made last year that companies didn’t keep, but right now, we’re looking to the future. So, without further ado here are some of the things we should look out for in 2015. [More]

Why Won’t Those Jerks At Sprint Unlock My iPhone? They Can’t

Why Won’t Those Jerks At Sprint Unlock My iPhone? They Can’t

You might remember that late last year, American wireless carriers adopted some voluntary standards for the unlocking of devices so they can be used on other carriers. Yet Sprint and Virgin Mobile customers have complained to us that their carriers won’t unlock their devices, even when they’re off contract or the customer is moving abroad. What’s the deal here? [More]