Chris Blakeley

I Ordered Directly From A Local Florist, And It Was Awesome

Why are we still yammering about Valentine’s Day flowers? The holiday itself is long gone, but as birthdays, funerals, hospitalizations, and other occasions come and go, the problems with using national Big Flower websites remain. As another major flower-sending holiday, Mother’s Day, approaches, we’re sharing this story from reader Josh about how wonderfully his order from a local florist turned out. [More]


Here’s A Bunch Of Stuff That Might Actually Be Cheaper In The Months To Come

For lots of things you buy, the general trend is for prices to increase over time. But there are some things that forward-looking folks claim will drop in price — at least for a bit — in this, the year 2013 CE. [More]

Ford Issues Immediate Recall Of 2013 Escape SUV Because Fire Is Scary

Ford Issues Immediate Recall Of 2013 Escape SUV Because Fire Is Scary

Fewer than 5,000 model year 2013 Ford Escape SUVs have been delivered to customers so far, including one to our colleagues over at Consumer Reports Cars for testing. But Ford has already announced a recall of the vehicles, ordering dealers to stop selling and offering test drives on the 1.6 liter engine base model. Ford has also asked Escape owners to stop driving their vehicles immediately. Why? The engine compartment fuel line might split and leak. If the engine is started or already running when a leak occurs, the vehicle could catch fire. [More]