As Heroin Takes Hold, Some Librarians Learn How To Treat Overdoses

Public libraries aren’t merely book repositories; they also provide access to information and resources for the entire community. And in some neighborhoods, librarians are training themselves to revive heroin users who have overdosed. [More]


Amazon’s Free Banana Stands Disrupting Local Fruit Economy

Although there is no money in Amazon’s community banana stands — where the company has been offering free fruit to both workers and locals in Seattle since 2015 — the tech giant’s largesse is changing the banana landscape for some nearby businesses. [More]


Is The Honeymoon Over For Pittsburgh & Uber’s Driverless Car Program?

Compared to Uber’s ugly, contentious one-week test of self-driving cars in San Francisco , the ridesharing company’s nine-month-old self-driving program in Pittsburgh has been rather peaceful. But after a number of broken promises, some city leaders are reportedly regretting this arrangement. [More]


Same-Sex Couple With 3 Kids Claims Southwest Denied Them Family Boarding Privileges

Two Florida dads traveling with their three children say that Southwest Airlines staff would not allow their group to pre-board a flight with other families traveling on the same plane. [More]

Nathan’s Hot Dogs Recalled For Presence Of Metal Chunks

Nathan’s Hot Dogs Recalled For Presence Of Metal Chunks

As you start your Memorial Day cookout preparations, you may want to look extra carefully at that package of hot dogs: The company that makes Nathan’s hot dogs is recalling 210,000 worth of beef franks over concerns that they may contain metal fragments. [More]

Andrew Turner

Court Rules Drone Hobbyists Don’t Have To Register With FAA

An appeals court has overturned a recent Federal Aviation Administration rule requiring hobbyists drone operators to register their tiny unmanned, non-commercial aircraft. [More]


Doctors Say ‘General Hospital’ Made Character Ill Just To Advertise Drug

With TV viewers increasingly turning to streaming services or fast-forwarding through commercials on their DVR, product placement is hotter than ever. Reality show contestants have to carry around a company’s mascot for an entire episode; there’s an entire show coming that’s just an ad for an app (it rhymes with “blazzam”). But did a classic soap opera cross the line when a character becomes sick with a rare disease and the show’s partner just happens to make a drug that can treat her ailment? [More]

T-Mobile Exec Gets Romantic, Says Marriage To Sprint Makes Most Sense

T-Mobile Exec Gets Romantic, Says Marriage To Sprint Makes Most Sense

The teen-dream romance between T-Mobile and Sprint is moving on from playful banter in the lunchroom to lingering by the lockers between classes, with a top T-Mo USA executive saying that a merger with Sprint would make the most sense. [More]

Larry Smith

CDC Politely Reminds You: Please Don’t Go In The Pool If You’ve Had Diarrhea

With public pools opening up for the summer season, the time has come once again for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to issue its yearly plea: Please, if you have diarrhea or aren’t feeling well, don’t go swimming. [More]


Dutch King Has Secretly Been Co-Piloting KLM Flights For 21 Years

Sure, they call it KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, but who knew royalty was actually flying the planes? [More]

Google Maps

Gas Station Cheese Sauce Linked To Dangerous Botulism Outbreak

Food-borne illness outbreaks are often tied to fresh foods — unwashed raw vegetables, tainted undercooked meat, raw dairy products — but not the neon yellow nacho cheese sauce you’d get at a movie theater or convenience store. However, one batch of this processed cheese-like product has been linked to multiple, potentially lethal cases of botulism. [More]


Levi’s Slammed For Referencing AIDS Memorial Quilt To Sell Jeans

While it’s always refreshing to see big companies trying to do their part to give back to their customers and support important social issues, sometimes these efforts hit the wrong note. To wit: Levi’s is facing backlash on social media over a Tweet promoting its upcoming Pride collection. [More]

NYC Mayor's Office

NYC Landlords Busted For Renting Illegal Rooftop Shacks On Airbnb

If you see an Airbnb listing for a New York City apartment with rooftop views, be warned that you may be paying hundreds of dollars a night to stay in an illegally constructed shack underneath a bridge. [More]


Pizza Hut Worker Pepper-Sprayed Coworker In Dispute Over Toppings

We often hear of customers overreacting during conflicts with store employees and restaurant workers, but sometimes, even fast food coworkers turn on each other.


Mike Mozart

Is Walmart Catching Up With Amazon In The Online Shopping Race?

In the world of retail, bricks-and-mortar retailers have one common enemy: Amazon. Walmart may finally be catching up with the e-commerce giant, reporting a 69% jump in online sales last quarter. [More]


You Can Now Earn Delta Miles During Lyft Rides

After teaming up with JetBlue last year to allow Lyft passengers to earn airline miles on their way to the airport, the ride-hailing service is jumping into a new partnership with Delta Air Lines that will give riders airline miles whenever they take a trip. [More]


Alamo Drafthouse Offers Gift Certificate To Guy Who Sued Date For Texting During Movie

By now, you’ve probably heard about the guy in Texas that is suing his date for texting during a movie. Text-hating theater chain Alamo Drafthouse is hoping to intervene in this personal spat by offering the man a gift certificate. [More]

Fresno County Sheriff’s Office

Man Charged With Stealing Nearly $1 Million Worth Of Bees

Maybe you weren’t aware, but bees are big business: With bee colonies mysteriously vanishing, hive owners can make a good income renting out their insects to farmers who need extra help with pollination. Those beekeepers will be happy to hear that authorities in California have busted a man suspected of stealing almost $1 million worth of bees and equipment. [More]