Judge Orders UberX And Lyft To Stop In Philadelphia, Companies Ignore Order


Byron Chin

Consumerist Friday Flickr Finds

Here are six of the best photos that readers added to the Consumerist Flickr Pool in the last two weeks, picked for usability in a Consumerist post or for just plain neatness. [More]

Mike Mozart

That FiOS Expansion In Boston May Be Wireless, Not Fiber

Hey, remember earlier this year when Verizon said that it was thinking about expanding FiOS into Boston, a city that longs for fiber internet access? The problem with that plan is that it won’t necessarily mean fiber lines leading to every home. Instead, Verizon’s high-speed deployment in Boston is mostly going to be wireless, probably 5G under the FiOS brand. [More]

Leanne J

Federal Jury Awards Tiffany Another $8.2 Million In Costco Ring Dispute

Last week, a federal jury found in favor of the high-end jewelry brand Tiffany, concluding that Costco’s 2012 collection of “Tiffany” engagement rings was a trademark infringement, and wasn’t just the name of a popular diamond setting. The jury awarded $5.5 million in actual damages to Tiffany for the infringing ring sales, and has now awarded the jeweler $8.25 million in punitive damages for infringing on the brand’s copyright. [More]

Fox News Anchor’s Toy Hamster Lawsuit Quietly Scampers Away

Fox News Anchor’s Toy Hamster Lawsuit Quietly Scampers Away

Just over a year ago, a very odd lawsuit made the news: a Fox News anchor was suing toy maker Hasbro over a toy hamster. Harris Faulkner objected to the existence of a Littlest Toy Shop collection toy hamster named… Harris Faulkner. This was either a really weird coincidence or some very niche cross-marketing on Hasbro’s part. The case has now ended, though we don’t know whether there was a financial settlement. [More]


Airbnb’s New Legal Strategy: Compliance With Local Laws Is Not Our Problem

When you buy a bootleg T-shirt on eBay or some phony concert tickets on StubHub, those businesses aren’t responsible: the seller is. What if that principle also applied to sharing economy businesses like Airbnb? That’s what the company is experimenting with, starting in its home city of San Francisco. [More]


Bed Bath And Beyond Wants To Wean Us Off Coupons With Membership Program

For years now, Bed Bath and Beyond has trained its shoppers to wait for one of its 20% off coupons to arrive in the mail before making a purchase. The coupons even change hands for cash. The company has long wanted to wean us off these coupons, and its latest tool to do so is a subscription discount/free shipping plan. [More]

Google Needs To Step Up Support To Sell Its Own Smartphones

Google Needs To Step Up Support To Sell Its Own Smartphones

Google’s customer support has come a long way since it first began selling Nexus mobile phones and Google Voice number ports to customers. However, the success of its new suite of devices depends on how well it’s able to provide customer and technical support for those devices. [More]

Mike Mozart

Kohl’s Joins Store-Specific Payment App Party

If you thought that it was confusing to carry around a stack of store charge cards, how about installing a stack of store-specific payment apps on your phone? Now joining Walmart, Cumberland Farms, and other QR code-happy retailers is Kohl’s Pay, a new module inside the store app that many customers already have installed. [More]

Meet Minneapolis

Mall Of America, Staples, BJ’s Make Sure You Know They’re Closed On Thanksgiving

It was about five years ago that the Thanksgiving shopping trend began to metastasize throughout the retail business: opening times on Black Friday crept back from the wee hours of Black Friday morning to the late hours of Thanksgiving. Malls joined big-box stores, and Thanksgiving Day was fun for a few years. Then a widespread backlash began, and retailers took advantage of that. [More]


Chuck E. Cheese’s Switches From Tokens To Stored-Value Cards, Annoys Token-Lovers

There are people out there who collect just about everything, and one growing market is arcade tokens. If you have any Chuck E. Cheese’s tokens lurking in a drawer or jewelry box, they’re about to become slightly more valuable: the chain is about to switch from custom-made tokens to stored-value cards, making it easier to track individual players and restore lost balances. [More]

LA Times

Woman Who Received $16K Water And Power Bill Insists There’s No Leak

It’s pretty much impossible for one person and one dog to rack up a water and power bill of $16,988.62, but that’s what the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power says one condo owner has done. While she received a shutoff warning, employees didn’t actually believe her when she called to complain about the bill she received. The DWP blames a leak on her property that may or may not actually exist. [More]

Artist Sees Her Own Adorable Dog Drawings On Kohl’s Products, Sues

Artist Sees Her Own Adorable Dog Drawings On Kohl’s Products, Sues

Do the little Boston terriers on these pajamas and socks from department store Kohl’s look familiar? They should: you may have seen them on your Facebook feed, posted as a public service announcement by a dog-loving friend. Or maybe you’ve seen a strikingly similar dog the last time you shopped at Kohl’s, on some super cute pajamas and socks. Here’s the thing: the artist didn’t authorize that use of her drawings. [More]

Mac n’ Cheetos Now Available At Sheetz For Some Reason

Mac n’ Cheetos Now Available At Sheetz For Some Reason

Are you disappointed that you missed out on Mac n’ Cheetos during their fleeting availability at Burger King? No need to be sad: the orange breaded carbohydrate globs will be available at the regional convenience store chain Sheetz, which is useful if you happen to be traveling anywhere between Ohio and North Carolina. [More]

Ted Murphy

Other Tool Companies Interested In Buying Craftsman

The legend says that 89 years ago, the head of hardware at Sears Roebuck really liked the name Craftsman, and bought the trademark from an existing tool company for $500 ($6,921 in 2016 dollars). Today, parent company Sears Holdings is troubled and in need of a cash infusion, and has quietly solicited bids for Craftsman. It’s reportedly worth around $2 billion. [More]

Luiz Yassuda

Toys ‘R’ Us Sells FAO Schwarz Brand For Undisclosed Sum

Last summer, Toys ‘R’ Us closed the last physical store in the FAO Schwarz brand. That cut the legacy of a venerable retail brand down to only a section on the Toys ‘R’ Us website, with its former retail space becoming a flagship store for sporting goods brand Under Armour. Now, the same firm that makes toys and gadgets for Sharper Image, Animal Planet, Smithsonian, and Discovery Kids has purchased the brand. [More]

College Student Claims iPhone Caught Fire In Pocket During Class

College Student Claims iPhone Caught Fire In Pocket During Class

As ways to get out of class go, this is an impressive one: a college student in New Jersey says that he was just sitting in class, not charging or even using his iPhone 6 Plus, when the device overheated and caught his pants on fire. Maybe all of the news about exploding Samsung products has caused iPhones to feel a little bit left out. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Sears Holdings CEO Blogs: Kmart Is Doing Just Fine, Thanks

Sears Holdings chairman, CEO, and chief manifesto-writer Eddie Lampert wants shoppers like you and writers like us to know something very important: Kmart is doing just fine. It has some stores that are profitable, and the retailer is continuing its turnaround plan and the “transformation” of its business into something with fewer stores and more online sales. [More]