Dannon Sued Over Probiotic Yogurt Claims

A proposed class action lawsuit was filed yesterday in California against Dannon over the company’s unsubstantiated claims that its Activia, Activia Lite and DanActive “probiotic” yogurts were healthier than regular yogurt. A Dannon spokesperson told Reuters he knew nothing about the lawsuit, and that Dannon stood by its studies. But as the lawsuit points out, the studies Dannon knew about did not support any claims that the special yogurt was more beneficial than regular yogurt. So what are you trying to tell us, Dannon? Or are you just stalling for time while your lawyers get that settlement proposal ready?

The lawsuit claims Dannon has spent “far more than $100 million” to convey deceptive messages to U.S. consumers while charging 30 percent more that other yogurt products.

The lawsuit also cited scientific reports showing, counter to Dannon’s advertising, that there was no conclusive evidence that the bacteria prevented illness or was beneficial to healthy adults—and that Dannon knew this.

It seeks reimbursement for all U.S. purchasers of Activia, Activia Lite and DanActive, and demands that Dannon engage in “a corrective advertising campaign.”

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