28,000 Jogging Strollers Recalled Because Kids Could Fall Out

Strollers can be a convenient way to get a child from point A to point B. But for some 28,000 recently recalled jogging strollers it isn’t quite that easy, as the front wheel of the stroller could break, possibly allowing a child to fall out. 

Delta Enterprise announced today the recall of 28,000 J is for Jeep strollers that may contain front wheel bracket that could break.

According to a notice with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the all-terrain jogging stroller leg bracket could break, posing a fall hazard to infants in the stroller.

So far, the company has received four reports of the stroller leg bracket breaking, including one report of a child falling from a stroller and receiving cuts and bruises.

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The strollers were sold at Target, Walmart, and other retailers from Aug. 2015 to Aug. 2016 for $130 to $160.

The recalled strollers can be identified by the model number and lot number printed on the Delta Children label with a blue heart at the left bottom frame support.

The following strollers are included in the recall:

Model Number Color Lot Number(s)
11988-835 Orange inside/Green outside and Black CH15083, CH15084, CH15085, CH15086, CH15087, CH15088, CH15089, CH15095, CH15123, CH15124, CH15125, CH15126, CH15127, CH15128, CH15157, CH15158, CH15173, CH15174, CH15185, CH15186, CH16045, CH16046, CH16047, CH16048, CH16052, CH16053, CH16054, CH16055, CH16056, CH16074, CH16084, CH16085, CH16086, CH16087, CH16088, CH16089, CH16090, CH16091, CH16092, CH16093, CH16094, CH16095, CH16096, CH16097, CH16098, CH16099
11988-340 Green and Black CH15203, CH15217
11988-436 Blue and Black CH15143
11988-656 Pink and Black CH15144
11988-838 Orange and Black CH15145
11988-0261 Grey and Black CH16025
11998-0251 Grey and Black CH16026
11998-314 Green and Black CH15165, CH16006
11998-439 Blue and Black CH15055, CH15057, CH15058, CH15059, CH15060, CH15061, CH15063, CH15064, CH15065, CH15139, CH15140, CH15150, CH15159
11998-678 Pink and Black CH15166, CH16007
11998-850 Orange outside/Grey inside and Black CH15211, CH15212, CH15213, CH15214, CH15215, , CH16024, CH16044

Delta urges customers to immediately stop using the strollers and contact the company for a free repair. Customers with questions about the recall should contact Delta at 800-377-3777, at recall@deltachildren.com, or online at www.deltachildren.com.

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