Artist Put iTunes Terms & Conditions Into Comic Book Form, Giving You Reason To Finally Read Them

Image courtesy of R. Sikoryak

Who among us has actually read through the terms and conditions for every device, service, e-tailer, or telecom provider in our lives? Would you be more inclined to pore over that tedious legalese if it were in a more enjoyable form, like say, iTunes Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel?

Cartoonist R. Sikorayak is trying to inject some fun into the process of reading through thousands of words of mouseprint to find out whether or not you’re signing away your first born to Apple. His soon-to-be published graphic novel gives the company’s massive iTunes terms and conditions a much-needed and entertaining makeover.

The graphic novel, which is posted in full on the iTunesTandC Tumblr and will be available for purchase in physical book form March 7, re-imagines each page of the terms — word for word — as a different cartoon or comic book.

Each comic includes some type of reference to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, with many of the main characters sporting Jobs’ signature beard and black turtleneck.

For example, a section on pre-orders (page 6) is done in the style of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip with Snoopy sporting this iconic look:

On page 8, Scott Adam’s Dilbert takes on Jobs’ persona and the “Ask to Buy” function.

Calvin — from Calvin & Hobbs — is jabbering about Automatic Delivery and Downloading Previous Purchases on page 15:

And on page 88, you’ll find The Simpsons discussing copyrights around the dinner table:

[via AV Club]

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