This Woman Is On A Mission To Stop At Costco Stores In Every U.S. State That Has Them

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

Do you have a Costco store in your state? It may soon get a visit from a dedicated Costco devotee who’s on a solo road trip around the country right now, in an effort to check out a Costco store in every state that has one.

Why is she embarking on this odyssey — appropriately enough, in her 2010 Odyssey van — now? Simply because she really likes shopping at Costco and wants to see what different stores offer in different areas, her hometown paper, The Napa Valley Register, notes. Napa doesn’t have a Costco, so she’s always stopped at other Costco stores when she’s out of town to see what each one offers in case she’s missing out on something “really interesting.”

“I’m panning for gold,” she told the paper. “I see all kinds of interesting things in the pan but I’m looking for that nugget or two that’s different from anything else.”

She’s six weeks into her trip and as of last week, had driven more than than 6,000 miles and stopped at more than 36 Costco stores in 19 states. At each store, she goes in with her own version of visit worksheet, and makes sure to take a selfie right away. She then jots down notes about how easy the store was to find, what kinds of services it offers (optometry, pharmacy, car wash, etc.), the selection of local foods, organic food selection, and anything else that might make a location special. Along the way, she’s sharing her reflections on her personal blog.

Will she visit each and every Costco? That’s not clear, considering there are currently 499 Costcos in 44 states, but she has stopped at the largest Costco, in Salt Lake City — though she didn’t realize it at the time. She’s also met some big names at Costco corporate, including CEO Craig Jelinek.

“He was super friendly,” she said. He thought her trip was a good idea “and joked that maybe he would join me. I told him there was room in my van,” she said.

Another executive tells the Register this is the first time he’s heard of such a dedicated Costco trip, but he’s not surprised.

“She’s just one of many members that feel excited about shopping at Costco,” he said. “If I had the time I would love to do the same thing.”

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