All Ferarri Cars Will Be Hybrids By End Of Decade

Image courtesy of (Ian)

If you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a vehicle, you probably aren’t too concerned about how much gas will set you back. But if you are, and you’re worried about the environment, you’ll have another hybrid option in a few years: Ferrari announced Tuesday that it will sell only hybrid vehicles in three years. 

CNET Roadshow reports that in order to sell 2,000 more cars each year, Ferrari will transition its entire vehicle lineup to hybrid after 2019.

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne announced the decision Tuesday, noting that the luxury car brand’s annual sales could jump from 8,000 to 10,000 in the next decade thanks to the change.

Currently, Roadshow reports, selling more than 10,000 vehicles each year likely wouldn’t be possible for the company. It’s not because the company can’t produce enough cars, it actually comes down to federal emissions regulations.

Selling more than 10,000 vehicles requires companies to adhere to additional fuel economy and emission requirements.

The carmaker isn’t a stranger to hybrids, Roadshow reports the company’s LaFerrari hybrid hypercar sold out. Despite the company’s vision of hybrid-filled roadway, there’s no guarantee that the Ferrari will be the next Prius.

Soon, every Ferrari will be a hybrid [CNET Roadshow]

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