Creepy Uber Driver Allegedly Gropes Passenger, Shows Up Outside Her House Later

A Silicon Valley Uber driver has been arrested and accused of sexual battery and stalking after not only allegedly groping and kissing a female passenger, but then showing up outside of her house later that evening.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the driver dropped off a husband and wife at their home in Palo Alto on Sunday night, but they soon realized one of their phones had been left behind in the Uber vehicle.

So they called the driver and he returned to their address, where the woman stepped outside to get the misplaced phone back. She says that’s when the driver assaulted her — kissing her and groping her breast. The woman escaped back to her house and the Uber driver left in his car.

The couple say they reported the incident to Uber right away, but an hour or so later — now after midnight — the driver was back outside their house. They know this because he actually called them from his car and told them he was there.

This time, they called the police, but the driver had left by the time officers arrived. However, they did find and arrest him a few hours later.

“The behavior described is disturbing and is not tolerated on the Uber platform,” the ride-hailing company tells the Chronicle. “The driver partner no longer has access to the Uber app.”

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