Reminder: Do Not Buy Cool-Looking Cosmetic Contact Lenses Without A Prescription

Image courtesy of mytoenailcameoff

Halloween is coming, and that means some people are looking for cosmetic contact lenses to give their costumes even more authenticity. The problem with that is that any retailer, in person or online, that’s selling cosmetic lenses without asking for your prescription first is doing something illegal and potentially dangerous.

You might recall that we recently shared the story of one online retailer selling cosmetic lenses, who pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods and conspiracy to introduce into interstate commerce misbranded medical devices.

The lenses he sold claimed to be from well-known brands, but the store carried what turned out to be counterfeit versions of well-known colored lens brands like Ciba’s FreshLook ColorBlends. Back to the point of this reminder, though: the charges also included selling medical devices that require a prescription, and not including required instructions or warnings with the lenses that he sold.

Yes, even if you have perfect vision, you’re supposed to visit an eye care professional to make sure you end up with lenses that fit properly. It’s okay if the doctor you see doesn’t sell the perfect lenses to make your irises bright red: according to the Federal Trade Commission’s Contact Lens Rule, you should receive a copy of your prescription without asking for it, which you can then take to the vendor of your choice.

The vendor of your choice that asks you for that prescription and that sells FDA-approved contact lenses, that is.

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