Apple Filed A Patent Application For A Paper Shopping Bag

Image courtesy of U.S. PTO

If you’re one of the most widely recognized electronics companies, folks may assume that everything you come up with is some high-tech piece of gadgetry. So when Apple files a patent for a common paper shopping bag, well, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher.

Part of Apple’s appeal is its shopping experience, which may be why the tech giant filed a patent application for white paper shopping bags made with at least 60% post-consumer recycled content back in March. The bag features handles made of paper fibers that are more flexible, almost like a shoelace, The Next Web notes.

More specifically, the bag has “a handle formed entirely of paper fiber yarn knitted in an 8-stitch circular knit pattern.”

Is there any kind of hidden wireless technology, or maybe a way to connect to the bag via Bluetooth? Nope, it’s just a bag, as Apple notes the background of such items: “Bags are often used for containing items. For example, retail bags may be used to contain items purchased at a retail store.”

The company switched to paper bags from plastic earlier this year, so it’s likely that these newly patented bags will be the carrier of choice at Apple stores.