Chevrolet Bolt Electric Car Will Get 238 Miles Per Charge, Cost Under $40K

If you dream of electric cars, but don’t want to wait around for more than a year until the release of Tesla’s more affordable Model 3, Chevrolet has some good news for you: the Bolt, its first fully electric car, will launch in just a few months, and its range will be 238 miles on average when fully charged. That means it will be available before the Model 3, and travel farther on a single charge.

The Bolt is not to be confused with the Volt, which is GM’s gas-electric hybrid vehicle that can be plugged in to charge up the shorter-range battery. Tesla’s higher-end vehicles, the Model S and Model X, get more than 200 miles per charge, but the Model 3 and Bolt were projected to be the first electric cars on the market with a cost closer to the average price of new vehicles in general.

The Bolt will cost $37,500, and there just happen to be federal tax incentives of $7,500 for electric vehicle purchases that many purchasers would be eligible for, taking the cost below that of most new Chevrolets and new cars in general.

Incidentally, GM also plans to give drivers for ride-hailing app Lyft, in which the automaker is an investor, early access to the Bolt and encourages drivers to buy (or rent on a weekly basis) the Volt.

GM says Bolt EV to have 238-mile range, more than Tesla Model 3 [Reuters]

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