After 17 Years, TiVo Discontinuing Service For Series 1 DVR

Image courtesy of Reflection717

If you’re still using your ancient TiVo DVR to watch recorded shows from the previous century, we’ve got some bad news: After nearly two decades, TiVo says it will stop supporting it Series 1 DVR at the end of next month.

The company recently began sending notices to customers, announcing that the Series 1 — first introduced in 1999 — will be unable to load new programming information starting Sept. 29, The Verge reports.

While the device hasn’t been made since 2002, there are still about 3,200 Series 1 TiVos in use, the company said, noting that the devices will continue to work, but users can only see existing programming.

According to the notice, the discontinuation of the device comes as TiVo upgrades the “data associated with all programming in order to provide superior program guide information to subscribers.”

“Unfortunately this new data does not work with our oldest device — the venerable TiVo Series 1,” the notice states. “As a result, while you will always be able to access your existing recording, your Series 1 DVR will make its last call to update the TiVo Guide on September 15.”

The company says that the last update will allow users to record 14 days of programming; or until Sept. 19. After that Season Passes — the recording of seasons of TV shows — will no longer record and the Guide will indicate that no program information is available.

TiVo notified customers that as a result of “this inconvenience” they will receive a $75 VISA prepaid gift card to use any way they like.

Some customers shared their disappointment in the discontinuation, noting that the device was originally sold as a “lifetime” service.

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