T-Mobile Spent The Most On TV Ads Out Of All Major Carriers Last Month

If it seems like commercials for T-Mobile are everywhere, you aren’t wrong. Out of the four biggest mobile phone carriers, Big Magenta was the top spender on TV commercials in July, showing a spot for what the company called its “most epic deal ever” a total of 2,288 times on broadcast and cable TV.

That data comes from iSpot, which is also a useful resource for when you’re trying to remember who that actor was in a car commercial that you saw when you were half-awake last week. The site tracks ad spending, and from there estimates how much companies spend on reaching your eyeballs.

Note that this just covers broadcast TV, not online or streaming ads. Still, T-Mobile’s spots reached a very wide audience, airing during popular shows with wide appeal like America’s Got Talent and The Bachelorette.

Did all of that TV advertising translate into new business? The company added a net 1.9 million customers in the most recent quarter for which they’ve announced results. (That means that if they signed up 2.4 million new lines and 500,000 other customers left, they’d net 1.9 million customers. Those are made-up numbers, though.)

Not that the other phone companies’ marketing departments are slacking, though. Sprint spent about $36 million keeping its name on your TV, most notably the spot with the former Verizon “can you hear me now?” pitchman.

AT&T’s TV ad spending went down to $33.8 million, and Verizon spent $28.9 million on airing their ads. Cricket, which is technically part of AT&T, spent $15.7 million on its ads.

The top 5 wireless ads: T-Mobile leads in TV spending across the mobile industry [FierceWireless] (via TMoNews)

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